Artist Statement – Psychology

Self Portrait, You Can't Go Back

We are born, raised, and currently living in a specific context. Psychology and self help have a growing role in our world. Do we need to be versed in these languages as we seek to understand a work of art? Are these tools helpful to us if we seek the profound in our cultural creations?

Religions exist simultaneously as imperfect human made tools of manipulation and oppression, as well as fonts of spiritual comfort and guidance. The role of religion is dwindling in our world. This leaves people casting about for soulful and spiritual experiences which take place in other societal or cultural contexts.

Until the advent of modern art, a major role artists filled in societies around the world,  was an ability to manifest the spiritual realm in the physical or secular world. We still long for artists to fill this role. Where is the line between spirit and consciousness? We have our myths of self destruction, individuality, madness, etc. attributed to so many of the “great” artists.

Not all suffering, loss, or encounters with tragedy lead to art. But for some of us it does. I work hard to gain psychological insight and understanding, so that I become more fully alive. Simply creating anything can be viewed as life affirming.

Some artist start out knowing what a work is about, but I do not. Only after some time do I begin to understand what it was I made. Art is a psychological aid for my self and others.


From the Domain of Paula.

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