My Artistic Practice.

I take an explorative approach towards art making. I rarely start out with the end in mind. Usually I decide to just try something. I bring myself to what ever situation I find my life in at any given moment and since I am an artist I often decide to make some art. I may take photos, or draw, or paint, or decide to build something. Sometimes I have some object, or the inkling of an image that I want to work with. Sometimes people approach me with a project or commission in mind. Mostly I just decide that I want to relate to something, someone, or someplace and so I gather materials or equipment to help me.

Everything seems to me to exist in fragments, shards, or small individual components that add up to a complex whole. Since I do not start out with a conscious goal or concept in mind, my method is one of emergence in the philosophical sense. Things coalesce into an integrative level where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

I always seek for my work to have a potential to stir or move the viewer.