The Paula Lalala MVSEVM (more info)

The macrocosm may be reflected in the microcosm.

I am made up of a bunch of smaller bits of myself. Fragments of moments and thoughts and atoms swirling through time, moving faster than a rocket. The experience I have of myself is altered in sleep and will most likely end in Death. You are similar.

 We are all tiny particles which flow in the stream of time

everything is fragmented

 parts coming together and merging and separating and spinning

 part of the whole like a thread in a piece of fabric.

The Paula Lalala MVSEVM is my gift to the world. The MVSEVM exists to provide an experience for and to impact the visitor. The MVSEVM is a repository of things I have made and things I have been given.

In the MVSEVM the visitor is immersed in a complex and beautiful atmosphere full of objects. The space is very intimate meaning a little squishy, I want people to come right up to things and even touch them, or enter into them. Most art museums exhibit work on a grand public scale, but the Paula Lalala MVSEVM is not like that, it is more of a maze full of nooks and crannies.

The MVSEVM contains hundreds of discrete works, many of these reference other works within the MVSEVM, or have a similar subject matter, and the whole collection reverberates with connections and can be viewed on a meta level. When I work I usually do not know where I am headed or what the work is supposed to be about, so the MVSEVM’s collection evolved over time out of a large number of seemingly disparate works. The precursor to the MVSEVM was another body of works entitled “Emotional Psycho Trauma Drama: SEX, DEATH, and DREAMS”.

Some of the objects in the MVSEVM are are derived from a sincere attempt at self revelation and self exploration, and I’ve tried to imbue the things I’ve made with as much of myself as I possibly can. I try to communicate my feelings and to generate objects which are charged and provoking. I understand that the personal significance and emotion I attach to objects and images is not readily comprehensible to the viewer, but I do believe that some residual aspect of the passion behind the work is subtly perceived.

Interaction and play are vital aspects of the MVSEVM; many of the objects have an interactive component such as a switch to turn on, door to open, object to hold, booth to enter, game to play, and so on. Some of the collection’s numerous games and toys are available for visitors’ use.  I believe that both play and art place experience within sort of conceptual quotation marks which help people hold things up for examination from a new perspective and to think in more complex ways than in their everyday lives.

The MVSEVM has been exhibited in different guises at variety of locations including the First International FriDge Festival, in Wellington, New Zealand; Mont Clair State University in NJ; the Art Mission in Binghamton, NY; and the Eclipse Mill in North Adams, MA. From 2001 through 2005 most of the MVSEVM’s  collection was on permanent exhibition and maintained regular visitation hours in DUMBO, Brooklyn, NY. The MVSEVM is always free to all visitors.