Artist Statement – Model-Dependent Reality

"MVSEVM Version #2 : A World Traveling Diorama Of The Paula Lalala MVSEVM" shot by Mary Black

(photo by Mary Black)

“Model-dependent realism”, coined by Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow, suggests that we can not know “reality-as-it-is-in-itself”, and that we can only perceive an approximation of reality as explained by the intermediary of models of phenomena. Additionally it asserts that multiple, equally valid realities exist.

The Paula Lalala MVSEVM functions as a model of one individual’s experience of life. This model encompasses in depth exploration of corporeal physical experiences, emotional states,and social connections and societal constructs. The MVSEVM as a model can be used as a tool for gaining understanding of human life.

As the MVSEVM pertains to the phenomena of corporeal physical experience, the visitor is invited to physically interact with the environment, which intentionally includes art objects that stimulate a variety of physical sensations; visual, auditory, somatosensory, olfactory, and occasionally gustatory.  The visitor will find objects pertaining to the body, death, and healing, i.e..sculptures and images of heart, brain, mouth, eye, hand, reproductive organs, etc.; a collection of body artifacts, such as blood, hair and sweat;.medical equipment, images of decay, and so on.

The phenomena of emotional states are less direct and more subjective. Symbolic pictorial language, psychically charged personal artifacts, and the general aesthetic ambience are employed towards this end.

Societal relationships and ideas are conveyed through the meta construct of the MVSEVM itself, i.e. the MVSEVM exists within several communities (personal acquaintances, art world, Cornwallville residents, Catskill tourist destination, etc.); and, through the MVSEVM’s formal elements such as labeling; cataloging; the MVSEVM’s website, Facebook account, Twitter account, etc (social media); the fact that the MVSEVM is always free to all visitors, and the existence of the Gift Shop (socio-economics); the MVSEVM’s Guest Book, Brochure, (historical records);  and the Guest Room exhibitions (curatorial practice, social networking, etc).

The societal aspect of existence is further explored through artworks which probe the language of social signifiers. This takes the forms of performative interactions, as well as images and artifacts imbued with personal and/or social narrative.

Come visit the Paula Lalala MVSEVM and find out how Paula’s model of existence compares to your own.

From the Domain of Paula.

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