MVSEVM, 2006

Filmed by Robyn Love

Length: 2 min. 15 sec.

Changing the doll’s dress

Filmed by Robyn Love

Length: 3 min. 21 sec.

Soup Sink, 2014

Length: 0:59 sec.


Under The Bed

Length: 1 min. 01 sec.


Cabinet of Light Celebrating Coming Into The World

Length: 0:07 sec.


“Sleep” re-performed by Zach D.

Length: 39 min. 32 sec.


“Sleep” re-performed by Jessica W.

Length: 6 min. 07 sec.


“Sleep” re-performed by Robyn HH

Length: 19 min. 30 sec.



Graces On The Cusp

Length: 0:08 sec.



Front of Paula Lalala MVSEVM with Flag

Length: 0:21 sec.





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