Artist Statement – My Name

Where I Come From, #1. 2002; color photograph

Names of the living serve as signifiers of social ideas. It’s a little easier to understand this concept when we look at the names of those famous among us. Barak Obama, Yoko Ono, George Bush, Hillary Clinton, Lady Gaga, Beyonce.

Everyone and everything is lost in the great expanse of time. The most revered or despised names of people no longer living serve as signifiers of  social ideas. Gandhi, Hitler, Mohammad, Amelia Earhart, Shakespeare, Aristotle, Artemisia Gentilleschi, Susan B. Anthony, Anne Frank, Mother Theresa; given enough time even these names will fade from our collective memory.

Paula Lalala is a playful  name. It’s not my only name. Paula Lalala is the name I chose for myself. I think it has a ring of anonymity. We are all members of the teeming mass of humanity.

From the Domain of Paula.

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