Artist Statement – People In My Work

Self Portrait, Aunt Paula At The Lake (1of2)Self Portrait, Aunt Paula At The Lake (2 of 2)

Some of the people in my photos, drawings, and paintings:

My mother is continually changing. She’s a very gregarious person, and a bit dramatic. She is fearlessly optimistic. Some aspects of her life are in constant flux. We are quite close.

My father was a unique individual. He was an incredibly private person. First generation American, he served our country as a solider. He was a talented dentist. Our relationship was complex, but we did love one another.

My beloved partner is another creative type, possessing a gentle, poetic soul. He reads broadly and in depth. He writes novels, short stories, and poetry.He makes music and has been in a number of bands. He hails from Massachusetts and comes from a family of charming liberals. We met while participating in a first aid accreditation course.

My son was born a few months after my 20th birthday. He’s fully grown now and I’m quite proud of him. He’s healthy, intelligent, and kind. He’s an autodidact; home educated until he started college. He received a top tier education based on his own merits, and is a life long learner. He’s with a lovely life partner, has a fantastic circle of friends, and a fascinating pool of acquaintances.

My siblings, in-laws, and their families. We all get along and like one another’s company. We’re all very lucky.

My dear friends.


Participants in my work.

Visitors to the MVSEVM.


MVSEVM Event Catskill Chamber Orchestra Musicians and some visitors

 Dad The Illuminator, 2010  Mom Is Magic, 2011

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