Artist Statement – Why And How



detail #2 "Psychological State : Healing State (Unknown & Branch Of Pine)"


detail "Psychological State : Healing State (Unknown & Branch Of Pine)"

I make art to express thoughts and feelings that I have no other way of communicating, and as a way of engaging life. I use art to convey my experiences and to interact with others.

Sometimes I withdraw from the world, from other people. I can not answer the phone, or emails. I turn off my cellphone. I can become unreachable.  There are periods when I do not leave my home for days on end. My uncle told me that my grandmother locked herself in her bedroom for over six years. My father was extremely isolated.

I am nearly always thinking about my art. I make things by following my intuition and trusting in the images that come into me. Sometimes I get too busy to make all of my ideas, but I try to honor those ideas that come to me repeatedly, by bringing them into existence. Often times I just have an urge to make something and follow through on that.

I use different media in phases and often will make several pieces in one format before switching over to a different one, but sometimes I am using a few different media at one time. After a period of fermentation things spew forth and I produce several works simultaneously.

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